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Generations of Love

Miss Emma is quite blessed to have 2 generations above me living here in Arizona. The first week of her life she spent a lot of her sleeping time right here in Nanny's arms. Instant comfort. My mom is a "mom's mom" and is a natural in this role. I must say she did lots of this AND tons of playing with the girls, cleaning, helping with dinner, a zoo trip...and how I wish I could have pictures of the America's Got Talent/Dancing with the Stars show that went on in the loft!!!! The girls were all sad to see her go, but we know we have to share her with Grampy!

My Dad's parents now have SEVEN great grandchildren!!!! WOW! I think that is pretty awesome. All my girls love that they have them living out here. Me too. They came on Tuesday to meet Emma Lynne. Love at first sight!

Here they are with 4 out of the seven great grandchildren. I am excited that this August there will be 6 great grandchildren here for them!!!!

Nana and Emma

So sweet!!!

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