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Chiara Marie- 6 Year Well Check

Finally made it to Chiara's 6 year old well check. I spoke with her before we went that she would be answering questions since she was old enough. Of course my little chatty one was perfectly ok with this. So, I packed all 3 girls in the car and off we went. Taking 3 kids to one's appointment is always a challenge but we came prepared and they got the "talking to" in the car before we went in.

Our pediatrician always has Physician Assistants rotating through his office. This one, Beth, was sweet, but needed to be told that she should ask Chiara the questions instead of directing them to me. Our pediatrician is great at this, but the PA's never really are. So, she starts asking questions and the looks between Chiara and I start.

PA: Are you in school?

Chiara: (smirk on face) I'm homeschooled

PA: So, are you in Kindergarten?

Chiara: (smirking and now looking at me) No, I am in first grade.

PA: Oh. Can you read?

Chiara: Grabbing her book she brought in with her she shows the PA and I think told her it was a chapter book.

The PA proceeds to ask her some other random questions and then has her jumping on one foot and some other things that Chiara is more than happy to do for her.

Chiara passed her basic eye exam with FLYING colors! They never asked her to read the last line, but my guess is could have read it with few errors. Coming from my family good eye sight is ma HUGE blessing!

Here are her stats:

At 6 years and 1 months:

your child is 53 pounds, and that is
at the 83rd percentile for weight.

your child is 46.5 inches, and that is
at the 68th percentile for height.

Chiara has always been in the 75th percentile and solid as a rock. I told her that she will more than likely be taller than her mother and her face lit up! Her health is not something I take for granted. I pray about it and thank the Lord often that she is so healthy. Our family has been touched by Chiara befriending Kate McRae, who is 7 and is fighting her second battle with brain cancer.

Still can't believe I was there for her SIXTH YEAR wellness check. She is growing up faster than I can keep up with.

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