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Chiara's First Play

I am reposting this hoping this time the pictures load. Not sure what happened on Blogger last time.

Chiara was in her first play!!!! She had two roles and nailed them both! She has a natural stage presence and best of all just enjoyed the entire experience. This play was The Big Bad Wolf on Trial, written and directed by Kathy Davis-our home school group director this year. Cute play. I am very proud of Chiara for memorizing her lines and getting into character.

Pic 4: Here she is with Ceanna who played Little Red Riding Hood.
Pic 3: Being sworn in to give her testimony as Boaris Penn, brother to Pig Penn. Love that BIG belly!
Pic 2: The last one on stage for the play, Miss Cindy Rella, reporting for Foxy breaking News!

Pic 1: Of course Cindy ended her performance with a cute curtsy. Loved it!


  1. Good job, Chiara. You should be proud of yourself. :) We really enjoyed watching it!

  2. Not sure why the pics are not loading....hmmmmm.


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