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My Husband...the runner!

Even though this b log is mostly dedicated to writing about the adventures in raising these beautiful girls we have I love opportunities to just POUR OUT all about my husband. We have known one another for 14 years this July and each year with him is more exciting than the last! He is most certainly my best friend and cheering him on is one of my most favorite things to do!

Some people do not know that David was born with Legg-Perthes Disease and was basically told that running was not going to be a sport of choice for him. He also tore his ACL and had that repaired back in 1999 (I think). Who would think that for the past few years he HAS been running and this year he has improved his time and distance?!?!?! I am simply amazed with his determination and drive...of course I am also amazed with his hot body from all the weight loss too!

This was his second year running in the Pat Tillman Foundation Run and my first year going to see him...a BIG shout out to my parents for taking the girls so I could get up at 4:30 AM to head up to Tempe!!!! Yes, 4:30 AM!!! Now, that is love! When David told me that he was really excited I was going to be there I would have gone anywhere at anytime for him!

I was able to catch a shot of him taking off and coming in. It is a 4.2 mile run (Pat's number was 42); here are David's stats that he posted on Facebook:
Wow, I finished 3,199 of 22,409 today in Pat's Run. I'll take it! I was just hoping to finish in the top 5,000... My race pace was a quick 8:28/mile = 7.25 mph
Official Pat's Run time of 35:33! That's a big improvement over last years 39:44 time.
Here is David at the start of the was sort of scary seeing how close together the groups were...not a lot of room to run out in front!
These two pictures are David and some of his coworkers that ran too. David has been working out with Brandon for a few years now doing Crossfit.

Here is my gorgeous husband about to run into the stadium, to the 42 yard line, and finish his second Pat Tillman Run. At the time I had not idea how he did, but it did not matter (that he smoked his best trial time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) because I was just so proud of him. Not just because of the running, but because he chooses to run in this race-one that shows his love for his country and patriotism. I love this man. Can't wait to see what he takes on next!!!!

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  1. Wonderful story! Congrats to David and to you Jennifer for getting there so early in the morning! :o)


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