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The new view of Chiara

Oh, what a month can do!!!! It was only a month or so ago I could not get Chiara to pick up a book and try to read it (outside of school). We have a great variety of books in our home, but yet nothing was that interesting to her...and I think she was a bit 'book shy'. For Valentines Day I took a chance and bought her a chapter book-it was a bit hard, but she loved it! She could read most of it and really did seem to understand what she was reading. She is almost through our first grade reading curriculum and doing great with school reading, but those readers are used for teaching, not so much for pleasure. So, we went to the library and she got this fairy series and she has devoured 2 and just picked up her third. She has also been reading Amelia Bedelia (one of my favorites), and we found these cute ones about a girl named Amber Brown. I love hearing how excited she is about the plot and when she can recall details for! I am really seeing a change....she is becoming a lover of reading. I find her nose in a book often now!

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