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Preparing to Celebrate a Birthday

I love our family traditions that we have made as "D'Amato's". Yes, some were adopted from our own childhood memories, some from ideas friends have given us, and a few we have created ourselves-all of which are special and wonderful.

One of the girls favorite Christmas activities is making a birthday cake for Jesus....that is why we celebrate Christmas. The girls help add ingredients, stir it up, and sometimes lick clean the spoon! This year I felt they were old enough to frost it themselves...the perfectionist in me hates it, but the loving mother in me always wins!

During the month of December my girls earn 'hay' for kind deeds, acts of unselfishness, respect, just things that really characterize Godly traits. They get so excited each time they get a piece-never knowing when one is coming. This 'hay' is used to make the bed that baby Jesus will be on Christmas morning. They have a Little People nativity set but baby Jesus is not there until Christmas morning. This year they were so proud of themselves for finding where I placed him....hilarious.

When they wake up Christmas morning this is what they see....I just love the idea that Jesus is born on a bed of hay made by the good deeds and actions of the girls.
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Christmas morning....the girls all enjoying some birthday cake after singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. What a way to start the day! We do not open gifts until we give our first time to Him.

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  1. So awesome! I know the girls had a wonderful Christmas.


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