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A Childhood Wish

My mom was quite the baker and cook when we were kids. Homemade everything! I learned to cook when I was young and enjoy it to this day. Even though my cooking/baking was fun I always desired an Easy Bake Oven. It looked so much fun! Alas, I never received one. A dream lost.


A friend approached me saying she had one in perfect condition that her daughter was done with and thought of me and my 3 girls! I really felt God reminding me that He pays attention to everything about us! We gave the girls the Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. We had only had to purshace the food packets. Most have yellow dye, but we can make an exception for that once in awhile.

So, the big girls and I got started.

Rolling the chocolate chip cookie dough
All ready to put into the oven...they were so happy and proud that they could do it all by themselves!

Enjoying the fruits of their labor! Ok, so the taste was not great, but it surely did fulfill this big girls dreams!
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  1. Joy is quite the Easy Bake Over Princess as well. Just fyi, we never have bought those packets of cake mixes etc. We just take a little dough when I make bread or a little batter from cookies or brownies and there you go. Just didn't wnat you to think you were required to purchase that yellow dye #4


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