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Carrying On Great Traditions

One of the fondest childhood memories I have from Christmas time is making Christmas cookies and decorating them. I can even remember the Crayola table in Gloucester when we were very young. It really brings joy to my soul. I love making those type of memories with my girls. We are not really a 'sweets' kind of family so Christmas is our time to indulge.

Here is Daddy helping Mayah with her dough....I love when he gets in there too! Miss Leah did not really participate in making the shaped cookies this year-not that she could not, but she thought the dough was playdough and made just one heck of a mess!
Leah would not wear the personalized aprons Nanny bought the girls during the gingerbread house fun but this time she asked "apron on!". Yay! She was beaming!!!!!

Due to the fact that Mayah cannot have red food dye it makes decorating Christmas cookies difficult. We have done just plain white in the past, but the girls so badly want color. So, my brilliant idea this year (and cost saving too) was to cook down frozen strawberries and add that to some frosting. Perfect. They were so happy!!!!!!
Here is Leah working on some cookies. I think she was purposely pressing down with the brush sop she could "accidentally" break and eat the cookies! LOL!!!!
Mayah was so into coloring as many as possible. In fact she was at the table long after the other girls had left.
Chiara does not stop to look and smile-she is always concentrating and thinking about her design. She is our artist!
Our finished product! They were all so happy. We are bring some to our cookie exchange party today. I love the little strawberry flavor the frosting adds. Yum!

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