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Mayah's New Love

Nothing like losing all your toys and tv time to make a kid find something new to do. Miss Mayah discovered books on tape/cd. She listened to 6 books in one day-3 during school time. She was fascinated.

The following day I gave her the audio CD I had made-so she had Mommy reading her books. She thought that was very cool.

At night I sat with the 3 girls around the Christmas tree and we listened to two Amelia Bedelia stories. One of my childhood favorites.

Mayah seemed to best like The Three Billy Goats Gruff. She did not turn the pages in the book, but just listened.....with the headphones on she yelled over to me that the troll was mean! Hilarious!

I told her to pick out some books she would like me to record for her....of course they were all Berestien bears which take awhile to read, but for her I will do it.
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  1. Mayah looks so adorable!
    I remember Loving books on tape as a kid.
    And now we have many dramatized books on CD from lamplighter theater, They are great for our long trips to maine or NYC. Kevin is recording himself reading the bible for the girls, but I never thought to do their little story books myself. Awesome! Great Idea Jen ;)
    PS. I loved Amelia Bedelia as a kid too ;)


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