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A Christmas Eve Miracle....well, sort of

Christmas Eve Chiara had been really playing with her second loose tooth-the other bottom middle, next to the one she had already lost.

Well, by evening she had worked it so much that it was really wiggling. She wanted it out.....well, she wanted it out without pain. HA! I helped her move it around and after about 25 minutes the back roots were snapped off and we were in it until the end at that point.

Chiara is so much like her mother it makes me laugh. A very low threshold for pain....though as the mother watching her little breathing ritual made me laugh. After 45 minutes I had David come over to give it that final twist and pull....FINALLY! It was out and we could finally get this tired...and very happy....little girl to bed so we could set up for Christmas.

I never would have though that at 5 1/2 years old she would have lost 2 teeth. Wow.
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