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Tree Trimming

The Christmas season seems to get better and better each year with the 3 girls. Watching their joy just makes us smile! The day after Thanksgiving it is tradition for us to start decorating. I did not do a lot this year as Leah still has curious and grabby hands, but enough that the house is festive and ready for fun! Usually we put up the tree but decorate it later the following week, but I could tell that was not going to happen this year. The girls were ready!
After watching David put up the tree (yes, it's fake- we live in Arizona!) the girls waited semi-patiently for me to hand them ornaments to place on the tree. We have two containers FULL so there are lots to choose from. They love their own, but they also love putting up my old ornaments (thanks to my Mom!!) and some of the ones that David and I share.

Each year, the day aftetr Christmas, David goes to Kohls and buys the discount ornaments. I love how well he knows our girls and chooses just the right ones. He gives those ornaments to them the next year when we are decorating the tree. They are so excited-as you can see from Mayah's face! Leah received Cinderella (aka "lala"), Chiara's was a ballerina, and Mayah's a ballgown Barbie. All perfect.

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This year the girls really took over decorating the tree. They hung all the ornaments, then rehung some, and just enjoyed the entire experience. I loved watching it and handing out the ornaments. Each ornament is like an old friend they have not seen for a year.This was Leah's first time putting on ornaments and I am happy to say she did a great job. We try to keep all the breakables out of reach. Favorite ornaments this year: musical Hannah Montana and HSM (David bought and gave out last year), and anything with their names printed on it.

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