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A Time for Thanks

At first I did not want to give up having Thanksgiving at our home, but I have to say, I am sure glad I did. Since we host Christmas it is nice to not have both big holidays here. We spent the day before Thanksgiving baking 3 pies and one very large loaf of bread. The girls wanted to help with everything and be completely involved. The did the most work to make the NY Cheesecake and were quite proud of their finished was YUMMY.

This year we made something called Sheepherder's Bread. When I make our bread I have a bosch mixer and it does all the work for me since I make 4 loaves at at a time. This bread though was made all by my hands. David and I talked about having communion together as a family before heading off to my parents house-giving thanks to our Lord and Savior. It was the first time that the girls have ever had communion or heard what happened at the last supper (they know that after Jesus died on the cross).

We arrived at my parent's house early so the girls could watch the parade. Nanny put out some cheese, crackers, and grapes.....INHALED! I guess the girls were hungry-after breakfast AND a snack!

The 2 big girls made these great turkeys at a fellow home schoolers house for craft time. Each feather was for something they were thankful for. Chiara listed family names and Mayah drew pictures of people and the number 5. Why the number 5? She had just learned how to write the number (Chiara taught her) and I guess she was thankful for it! Cute.

It was a great day. The food was fantastic (my mom rocked it out!!!), the pies were fabulous, and it does not get much better than watching the Patriots WIN! None of us wanted to leave, but we eventually made the treck back home. Our blessings are in abundance....we have so many things to be thankful for, not just on Thanksgiving, but ALL year.
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