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A house of learning

As a home schooling family, I wonder how life will change as the years go by. Will it get easier? Harder? A mix of the two? I really have no idea.....I hear lots of things, but each family is different. One thing that blesses me is that as each child gets older they are drawn to "school" here at home. The do not know anything different and of course they see siblings at work each day. It does not make things easier, but it is nice that I do not have to 'train' the younger ones like I did Chiara.

Balancing school in our daily schedule is still a big learning curve for me. Some days I just plain suck at better word. I lose my patience. I get interrupted by a 4 year old and 2 year old nonstop. I have to discipline someone for something....more than once. Those days when everything goes "just so" I know that I have to thank the Lord because it is a blessing!

These challenges will someday lessen, but there will be new ones. Some people tell me to just send my kids to school....part of the reason I do not share these thoughts often. I love home schooling. My kids love being home and learning this way....and I know they are ahead of most kids their age because of it (major benefit of one on one learning and individualized to their learning style).
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  1. You are such an Awesome Momma Jen. And there is no better person to teach your precious girls than you. And even on the very worst of days, know that God is smiling down on you and He is always there when we call out. And I am only a phone call away ;) We can vent and laugh together on this journey. You are in my prayers girl! Hope you have a fabulous week with your Hubby!


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