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How Sweet It Is

Well, don't get too excited I am not revealing the gender in this post...just love these pictures. Even with this being my fourth baby I am still overwhelmed by the beauty and amazing nature of seeing our baby in the womb.

The spine...isn't it beautiful?!?!?!!? I am amazed at it's flexibility. little noses!
Arms.....can't wait to touch them and feel that soft skin!
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This picture makes me say "Hello Baby!"

I have been thinking lately about how this is the last little one I feel kick and move in me. How this is the last time I will see my belly all big and round (you would think that would thrill me!), how this is the last one I will nurse. As much as I know our family will be complete it is things like this that pull at my heart strings. It is not that I want another after this, but I am just trying to resolve the feelings that this will be my last_______. I know what I am feeling is about me-sort of a selfish feeling. I can honestly say the only reason we would have a 5th is because of the way I feel about the things listed above....not because our family is not done. So, over the next months I will enjoy every moment-yes, even feet in ribs, not being able to bend over or paint my toes. I will embrace nursing with every ounce of my body.


Loving Thoughts.....