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Just Plain Old Fun

One thing about kids that I love is that it does not take must for them to be entertained....ok, maybe that is not true for all kids. My girls truly do enjoy being together, playing together, and laughing together. I find that kids "these days" do not have to have an imagination like we did growing up. Either a tv is on, video games, movies, an overload of toys, etc. My girls have all those things, but in moderation.

I was cleaning the kitchen when I heard a commotion of laughter and fun. I grabbed my camera and went to see.....

The girls had taken a step stool and blanket and were simply jumping off the step stool on to the blanket. Nothing fancy, nothing that makes noise or lights up...just plain old fun! They were giggling and enjoying every minute of this play.

It warms my heart knowing my girls can be creative and have fun.....even with only a step stool, a blanket, and each other!
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