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First Day of School

All the materials were ready.....I was very excited to get started because I knew the girls were BEYOND ready to get back to a structured day. I am glad we took off some time to just 'be' this summer, but I was starting to notice that they were misbehaving more and more. Too much time to get in trouble.
The first day was a HUGE success!!! The first few weeks is more about establishing routine and figuring out how to manage Miss Leah during school time. Yesterday she watching 2 learning videos, Meet the Numbers and Meet the Sight Words. I love hearing her counting while I am teaching. She is still learning how to occupy herself for longer than 5 minutes at a time.
It would not be the first day of school without cookies! I love that I can find a way to carry on this great tradition! My mother used to take the first day of school and bake cookies ALL day for us! I just loved it....the memories of coming home to a house FILLED with cookies just bring warmth to my heart. The girls helped make the cookies and they loved that!

When Daddy came home for dinner the girls shared cookies with him and told him about their day. I always love hearing what they remember.....and what they forget! Later in the evening Chiara shared all her work with him.
I am looking forward to a great year with these kiddos. Posted by Picasa

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