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Beginners Luck!

The other evening David and I introduced Chiara to Monopoly. She said she had played once with an older friend, but did not seem to understand the concept. All she knew was she had little money and no houses. Wow, was that ever going to change!

It is fun to have these times at night with her. No interruptions from her sisters - just big girl time. We usually only have about 30 minutes. Some times we read, watch a favorite tv show, play cards, and definitely cuddle!

I thought she was ready to play Monopoly.....she was! She seemed to grasp an understanding of the basics and David did a great job coaching her as we went along. He would pay for that....literally!

I have such great memories of playing Monopoly with my family.....I am sure my siblings do too. Like watching The Cosby Show or Wheel of Fortune, it seems to be an American pastime.

Well, Chiara schooled her parents! She had an entire street that we were terrified to go down, David was wiped out of cash, and I had to mortgage a property! Even though we did not "finish" the game....we were finished! Needless to say, Chiara can't wait to play again!

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