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First Night of Awana

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This year BOTH girls will attend Awana! Chiara was so excited to move up to Sparks and we were all excited that Mayah could join Cubbies. Awana is a blessing to our family- a way to get the girls involved with something during the week that is totally God-focused. They love all the games, fellowship, lessons, puppets, joy, and teachers.
David and I enjoyed having a little one on one with Leah.
I showed up early to watch my sweet Mayah in her class. She never saw me, which was the plan, and I could see how much fun she was having. She was able to recite her memory verse and Cubbies motto (Jesus Loves me). I am so proud of Chiara for memorizing ALL of John 3:16. I can really see a maturation in her when it comes to talking about her relationship with Christ. I love it!!!!

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