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A BIG Milestone...I was not ready for!

When it comes to firsts I can honestly say I do not want to miss a single is that I keep missing firsts with my first??!!! Well, this first was a big one in her eyes. She had been talking about loosing a tooth for some time-a downside I guess to having lots of older friends. When we discovered it was loose she was in tears....of JOY! It was hilarious to see such happiness from this thing that was causing her mother such pain. How much faster can she possibly grow up??? Ugh.

Well, while I was away this weekend it came out! Nanny, my Mom, was witness to this great milestone....lucky her! When I spoke with Chiara I could see her smile through the phone.

I am still noticing it so much. I sit/stand across from her to teach her each day and I find myself staring at it. It is a different feeling that her first tooth coming in, which I know was a big moment in this house for David and me. This is making me see her grow up. It's right there...this little space in her mouth showing me 5 1/2 years have gone by in the blink of an eye....or is it the wiggle of a tooth?

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  1. As if time wasn't flying by as it you have proof of this lovely thing called "growing up".


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