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Establishing a love for learning....

I can honestly say that I love being a home school family. I love the freedom to teach my children when and how I want. I can also teach to the specific needs (and desires) of each individual child. One on one instruction.....awesome. We are 3 weeks in to this school year and even though most of our material has been review of last year we are all enjoying it. I could have just skipped over the first 20 or so lessons in math, reading, and phonics, but I like establishing routine....especially with Miss Leah.

Science and Heritage (Social) Studies has been fun. Chiara has already learned the 5 senses (last year) and about maps (this summer). Mayah is joining us most days for these subjects and has lots of fun too. I took some pictures of them experimenting with the 4 tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter). Chiara discovered she could taste things better in the middle of her tongue opposed to the front. Mayah liked the sour (lemon water) and salty tastes....interesting. No one liked the bitter (coffee water). I loved their faces.

One of the struggles I am having is what to do with/about Miss Leah during school. Last year she was still napping 2 times during the day and school was shorter so it was a non issue. I am trying to balance instructing Chiara, guiding Mayah in an activity, and managing Leah. Since she is not yet 2 I do not expect her to entertain herself for long periods of time. Thankfully, she stays out of 'trouble' (Mayah would entertain herself at this age by literally climbing the walls!!), but she has lost her two playmates and is bored, upset, needing attention, etc. Ugh. I keep trying some new ideas and I have talked to a couple moms who also home school. I realize that in about 6 months she will have changed a lot and this issue may has resolved itself. For now I utilize educational videos, music, blues clues, and taking down different bins of toys.

Of course after school ends I find her doing the exact thing I wanted during school!!! HA! Of course!!! She has a great love for books (yay!!!). She would be content if I just sat and read/picture walked through every book we own. Wouldn't that be great?!?!?! For now, it is what it is.....and then it will change.

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