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This is the Life!!

I never thought I would love home schooling as much as I do. It is beyond exciting watching your child learn new concepts-especially starting to read, adding, and subtracting. It's overwhelming!!

I am amazed that my sweet Mayah continues to ask me if she can join school.....I never say "no". Each time she joins us I need to find something that keeps her interest while working on an appropriate preschool skill. Some days she makes play dough letters, traces, sings the letter sound song, spells her name, works with shapes and colors, etc. I had no plans for school time with her until September, but I am happy to get a head start.

In the pictures I took on Wednesday I had them both working with wipe off boards. Chiara was doing the adding and subtracting ones along with some alphabet printing practice. Mayah was working on tracing shapes and her alphabet.

So, what does Miss Leah do during school??? A variety of things....most of the time I feel like she is at my legs, but Wednesday she brought over the PreSchool Prep DVD.
She watched Meet the Site Words while the big girls worked. I loved it!
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  1. It really is the life Jen ;) I enjoy school with my girls so much. Eden is always right there with us too. If you tell the little ones no, that would be so discouraging to them, and break their spirits, and perhaps ruin any interest for the future.

  2. I love it!! It is amazing to see all 3 girls learning so much and enjoying every moment of it. I wish there were more teachers like you... even it public schools.


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