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Changing Before My Eyes

I love each season I have with my precious girls. Infants are easy. I love breastfeeding and when they start to smile at you. I love babbling and when they seem excited just to move their legs and arms around.

Chiara and Mayah are in different seasons and bring me such joy. More and more I see that I can talk to Chiara about new things. Exciting. Mayah is becoming such a lover and seeker of knowledge. I just love it ALL!

Miss Leah is in that discovery season. So many things are "firsts" and she seems to want to do them all at once! She watches her big sisters all day do things that are fun and exciting...she can't wait to jump in!

For the first time she wanted to dress up.....I was so excited I yelled to David to grab the camera! Super cute! She loved it!!!

Friends of ours gave Leah their daughters old Leah has a chair just like her sisters! She is so big!!! Of course all three take their turns using the chair.....they share everything!
I am loving watching Miss Leah through this season. I love her makes me smile. She talks to her sisters now....not that they really listen because no one knows what in the world she is saying, but GOSH it is cute! I love hearing her yell at my mother, "nanny! nanny!" Just to say, "I love you." Adorable!
I added this picture because it reminds me that she is watching EVERYTHING her sisters do.....even if they never see that! They hang on this bar upside down....don't you see??!?!! HA! That is what she is doing! Just like big sisters!
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  1. Dont you just love those little moments when you just look and say "awww". There are sometimes no words to truely say what your heart feels in these moments. It is like your heart smiles. I love when the kids do something new, that never seemed possible even just a few days ago. You are right.. every season of change with kids is great, but sometimes the "firsts" can be the most exciting.

  2. Leah is absolutely adorable! Love the dress up picture. Too cute, she looks so pleased with herself it's precious ;)


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