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Moving School to the Floor!

Well, Spring is certainly in the air in Arizona, but so is sisterly love! Not sure if the wond blew in an extra heaping of it, but I was surely blessed watching the interactions between sisters today.

While I was teaching Chiara this morning the younger two went outside to play. I got up to see what they were doing and here is what I caught:

Mayah figured out that if she lifts her legs she can redistribute her weight and go up and down with Leah-poor Mayah was stuck in the 'up' position last week. They were laughing and generally enjoying being together. I just loved it.

And like that was not enough.....Chiara and I were sitting on the floor (I had just changed Miss Leah's diaper) so I could hear her go through her word list for her new book. After Leah was changed she up and left....about 10 seconds later, out of the blue, she comes back and hugs Chiara. I think both Chiara and I teared up!! Leah got up and left and not ten seconds later returned for more love from Chiara....I ran and got the camera this time!
After all that Chiara and I moved on. She started reading....well, Miss Leah wanted to be just like Big Sister Chiara so she grabbed a book and sat down with us. I still had the camera with me so of course I captured this! I think I am officially moving school to the floor!!!
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