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Stopping to Smell the that on the schedule?

Some would think that going back on a schedule would make like more rigid and less fun-seems to be the opposite for me these past 2 days....yes, yes, I know it has only been 2 days, but WHAT a change from what our days were looking like and feeling like. A sense of order has brought such peace to the house. Ahhhhh....
With that being said I am typing this blog outside while I watch all three girls play-Chiara and Mayah chasing each other around on their bikes and Leah exploring everything her hands can touch. I am outside. I am not worried about what is not done today because it IS done. Dinner is set for tonight, kitchen is clean, laundry in the works (seriously never "done" in this house), school room and play room in order, my room and the girls room tidy with beds made and clothes put away....I even vacuumed the upstairs!!!!!!!! WHAT?! It's days like this I think I can handle 5 kids....LOL! Ok, that's going to far, but it is such a good feeling to have most things in the house under control. I say most things because I know my clutter pile (hot spot) is still there and other little things.
My point with all of this rambling is that I am outside enjoying the pretend play and exploration-something I have continually struggled with because of all the things not 'done'. Today it is done and the roses smell sweet.

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