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Leah is finally taking some steps on her own. I am always amazed watching this process. They are so unsure and a bit unsteady, but they try anyway! Talk about a good metaphor for life!!!
David and I have only had really early walkers in this house so Leah just starting at 14 months old is out of the norm. She is perfectly healthy and we know it is more average to walk at her age rather than when her big sisters did. I just like getting past the dirty knees and top of socks phase. I would also feel better if she walked outside rather than crawling around.
She is still crawling more than anything, but I think it is because she has perfected the speed-crawl. We joke that she will talk in sentences before she walks-she is quite the Chaty-Cathy!
What is really cool about all of this is hearing how excited both Chiara and Mayah get when Leah accomplishes something. It really warms my heart and makes me glad we did have the 3 of them so close in age. I wonder how the relationships will change as they age-who will find more in common with the other? What a wonderful thing to be able to watch.

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