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Lovely Locks

The bible says that a woman's hair is her glory...her covering. I am not going to debate whether women or girls would have long hair because I live under a new covenant through Jesus Christ, but I do love my new longer hair. It makes me feel feminine. I have not always liked my hair long, but for now I am happy.
Thinking on that I was reflecting on Chiara's and Mayah's hair yesterday. They are 18 months apart and they could not be made more different. Even their hair. Mayah is three and we are still waiting for her hair to grow past her shoulders....Chiara's was high in pony tails by 3. Funny.
Chiara's is mostly straight and will take to whatever you do to it. Curl it, braid it and it waves beautifully, a cute poof, straight....anything and everything. Obedient hair, with only a slight bend. It is very much her character. Amazing. Very few fly aways....her hair is just beautiful.
Mayah's hair....the cutest little curls I have ever seen. Going in every and wild! It is taking it's own time growing and she has never even had a need for a real hair cut yet. I have straightened it and I did not like it because she did not even look like Mayah. Each curl seems to have an opinion about which way it wants to go on any given day. Fly aways are the nature of her hair.....her hair is just beautiful.

Leah does not have enough hair yet, so I look forward to seeing how it comes in. Watching her now I would guess more wave than Chiara, but not the curls like Mayah.
Their hair seems to be a little reflection of their personalities. Cute. I am not sure if that is how the Lord intended it, but I since I know he has counted the hairs on their heads and knit them together in my womb, I believe he had something to do with it.

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  1. Lovely post Jen. They are all so beautiful. You guys make beautiful children ;) My girls have such different hair as well. Lily's is like mine, thick & long. Eden's is like Daddy's very fine and wild ;)


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