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Some HighLights from AZ Fish & Game Youth Day

I love being a homeschooling family....we can work out schedule to fit our lives. What did our lives dictate on Friday??? A trip up to Ben Avery for the AZ Fish & Game Youth Day!!! It is a day set aside for educators and home schoolers (yep, just about every HS family we know was there!!!!).  Perfect.  We usually attend this on the weekend, when it is open to the public, but this was MUCH better.  I love that David took the day off to spend it as a family.  Did I mention Perfect??!?!!?!

Just a few pics from the day...

No, this is not Mayah's first time....or second!  She loves holding the snakes and was bummed that she did not get to hold the large lizard.  May have to call our friend "Wild Man Phil" for some help there!

To my surprise...ok, not really, Leah insisted she was going to hold one too!  WOW!  Notice, Mommy and Chiara did NOT!  It's a snake!

Emma.  She did great.  Not a lot for her to do yet, but she is happy waving at birds, eating snack, and not being in a stroller.  Ever.

Off road girls.  Love the helmet!

Hilarious! Notice.  No Mayah.  She did not want to put on the hair net to wear the helmet. 
Snake, ok.  Hair net, not. 

Chiara is finally EIGHT at this event and can participate in the archery.  She loves it.  I love that even in line waiting my girl makes friends with another young girl-knows her age and probably her life story by the time she went up to shoot!

Strong.  Powerful.  That's MY girl!

If there is a tent we should do some tent dancing...right Emma?!  

Inflatable canoe.  Watching them I can tell their Daddy has taken them a time or two to REI and let them get in the kyacks! Naturals!

It was a great day.  I love that my girls love being outdoors and trying new things!
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