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In the Zone!

First off, I completely recognize that it has been a VERY long time since I have blogged. I do not have make the time for it. I want to, I think of it all the time, but alas everything else has taken precedent these days.

I did not want to pass up an opportunity to write this down though.  Maybe it will help someone out there who struggles with keeping your busy (and sometimes chaotic) house clean.  I try and keep up reading "mommy" and "homeschool" blogs.  I also follow a lot of things on Pinterest in these areas.  I came across something that a mom wrote about separating her house into zones.  Every kid had a zone to clean.  I took the idea, modified it to fit our family and so far so great!  

Everyone but my 2 year old uses Accountable Kids for their day-to-day chores and responsibilities.  It works great...other than the occasional argument with my four year old about it or my two year old rearranging every one's cards!  I have been using this for over 3 years now and every time I hear a mommy friend complain about their kiddos not getting the basics done I always recommend it.  Trust me, you will thank me for it.

Due to the fact that we are home often the house can looked a little too "lived in" for me.  I accept that my house will not look as put together as I would like it, but it certainly does not have to look like I unleashed caged animals and let them reek havoc.

So, the zones.  In our home we have 5: school room, toy room, kitchen/dining room, tv room, and laundry room/downstairs bathroom (this one is also a "help another zone")
I made slips of paper that the girls can pick out of the jar.  I did this so no one would get stuck with a "zone" they hated (flashbacks to me cleaning the bathroom as my chore). Even my two year old wants to pick one...another reason to have them chose so I can monitor what she picks.  On the slip of paper it tells them what should be done in that zone.  Since two of them can read I only help my four year old with this part.

The first time was really hard for our 4 year old.  She hated every second...well, until she got to collect things in a basket from the kitchen that did not belong and then deliver them to the correct place.  I usually have to help her a bit, but it is more in showing her what needs to be done.  My older two are amazing!  Today they picked their zone, went to it, and even did above and beyond.  No complaints.  No dilly-dallying.   Done. 

I kept the praise going throughout the task and at the end.  They knew they had done well...not only in the task at hand, but in showing an obedient heart and being a good example to their younger two sisters.

This truly helps alleviate the feeling that I have to "clean the house".  I always talk with my kids that we are a team and it takes all of us to keep our home running smoothly.  I think they are starting to see that.  For now, I am most certainly sticking with Zone Cleaning.  
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