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Happy Birthday David!

 This past February we celebrated our favorite guy's birthday!  Another year older. Another year wiser.  When I look at David I still see us in our twenties...hard to believe he is heading out of his 30's!  He is going to get me for writing that! Ha!  He is a YOUNG and GOOD LOOKING 37 year old now.  More importantly he had his 5 girls here and even his Dad to wish him well into a new year!

 He had TWO celebrations this year.  One at home with us and his favorite meal0my delicious moussaka (a Greek dish) and another with my parents at his favorite BBQ place in Chandler.  He went to an outdoor expo with his Dad for the day and a three day weekend.  Not too shabby.

Leah and Emma looking along as Daddy opens his cards and gift

Papa enjoying the birthday festivities with us

  David has been asking his girls for a broccoli cake and this year we took him seriously....that was the cake he got!

 The gift from his girls. His half marathon in a shadow box! So proud of him!!!
You can read more about that HERE if you are interested.

Rudy's BBQ in Chandler...oh yes, I think we make Nanny & Grampy fans too!

Eating some ribs!

 Yes, Emma can always find a way to be covered in chocolate. 

My gift to my amazing husband. He completed his MBA and I had both degrees framed (the undergraduate diploma was previously framed). He received both degrees from GMI/Kettering University.

My parents bought him a remote controlled helicopter. The one he "always wanted".  Just proving my theory about who they love more! ;)

It was a great birthday for a great man. I am beyond blessed to be his wife and best friend. 
Much Love Babe!

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