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Reid Park Zoo with Papa

We were so excited to have David's Dad aka "Papa" come for a visit this past February (he was even here for his son's birthday!!!!).  When we thought about it we realized it had been three years.....way too long.  We knew the two oldest would remember him, but we were unsure how Leah would react and we had a feeling Emma would be freaked out (she is going through her I only want my mommy phase).  Leah was not hesitant at all around Papa; I am sure talking on the phone and about him for the past few years has helped.  

We took Papa to Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.  We love this zoo!  The girls were excited to have him see it.  The weather was cool for us Arizonans, but Papa was enjoying the warmth compared to the many inches of snow he left behind in Minnesota!

David, Emma, and Papa.  She was a bit freaked out, but we made it work. 

The D'Amato men and our girls. Leah was not into taking ANY pictures on this day.

She did not want her picture taken, but she was happy to have her Papa here.  I love this shot!!!!

We are hoping it is not another 3 years before we get time again with Papa. 

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