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Jennifer's Get Away (Part 4)

What a great way to end my solo spending it with my family. My Uncle Joe, Aunt Allison, Matthew, and Shanna were a HUGE part of my life as a teenager.  Matt and Shanna were our ring bearer and flower girl when we got married.....they are part of me.  Love.

Home cooking by Aunt Al (apparently "Big Al" now-not b/c of her tiny size!) was wonderful...followed by time with Shanna.  Lots of it.  Sleeping in the same bed....never did it when she was was hilarious!

My full day with Shanna was fantastic!  Took her out to dinner then did what 17 (almost) year old girls do...we sat around.  We laid in the sun.  Talked.  Just the two of us.  Years of catching up.

We met up with our grandparents that night and we all went out to dinner to celebrate Nana's birthday (I am not sure if she would like me to mention she turned 79 so I won't.).  I went home with my Nanny and Grampy and stayed up talking with them waaaaaay later than I thought they would.  I loved it.  Slept about 3 hours and then was up to head to the airport with Grampy.  Long day of traveling ahead.

Matt, Shanna, and I in the back of our grandparents car.....going old school.....awesome.

Three generations of Morin men.  Hard to believe Matt is 21.....

The beautiful birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Nana!

Cousins. Love these two more than they know!  So proud of them!!!

Me and my girl Shanna-Banana!

 It must be noted that while I was away my gorgeous, amazing, smart husband was a full time Daddy.  He sent daily pictures to me of all the fun they were having.  He made it easier for the girls to be apart from me for sure!  Bike rides, Chick-fil-A, splash pad, popping in on Grampy, Cabela's, and more.  I had no doubt he would be amazing because he just IS.  I came home to a greeting IN the airport, a clean house, and for 2 more nights he put the kids to bed because I was sleeping before they went to bed!  Thanks David for this trip, for knowing I needed it, and for being a wonderful Daddy. 

Glad to be home....
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