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Jennifer's Get Away (Part 1)

Seven days. Seven days without much sleep. Seven days of long over due hugs. Seven days of face to face talks. Seven days of gaining perspective. Seven days of learning that I am head over heels in love with the life I live. Seven days.

Here is a glimpse of the first two. When I landed in Boston after only 2 hours of sleep rest on the plane I was picked up by my best friend sister Julie.  Friends since we were 13 years old and this alone time was waaaaay overdue!  We walked around Boston, did part of the Freedom Trail, waited to see Romney (and never did), ate at Dick's Last Resort (with my "partner" ha!), went in Old North Church, and talked...talked....talked. We ended the day with YUMMY Chinese food!!!!

Our second day together we took her two kids to Newport, RI and walked the Cliff Walk and spent the day in rainy...rainy...Newport.  I had some very delicious Lobster Bisque and some stuffed shrimp.  Our time together was short. but I am so glad we had it! 

The 40 Steps at the Cliff Walks

The Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie, Emily, and Eric with me

Walking the rocks

Very cool

Windy, rainy,and almost no sleep for 2 days-not too bad.

Jennifer and Julie...this time, mom didn't have to pick us up!

Off to see Andy Day.
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