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One year later.....

I took a picture of Leah in her favorite dress up knowing I had taken it before.....I did not realize that it was 11 months before! The changes in her just floor me. It is that BIG reminder that time goes by so fast. There are moments when I try to picture the 'balancing act' of 4 young children and think "HOW??????", but then I see pictures likes this and it is a big reminder that everything goes by quickly. Too quickly.
Part of me misses Leah's baby cheeks, her baby sounds, and her ROLLS! She is getting so tall and talks in full sentences. Looking at this has helped me to take in every single moment of this pregnancy-knowing it will be my last (should it be????)-and I know I will certainly try to soak in every infant moment I have with our little princess to come.

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  1. They change so much in that 2nd year, don't they!?! It's amazing!


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