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The Turkey Whisperer

On a recent trip to the Phoenix Zoo we went to the farm area so the girls could brush the goats and have some play time. Before we left we walked by the chickens and turkeys. As soon as Mayah walked up to the fence this one turkey started gobbling at her as if they were long lost friends. Hilarious. It did not quit.

As funny as it was we were going to move on, so Mayah took a step and the turkey took a step. She stepped back, it stepped back...the entire time talking to her. I told her to run to the side of the fence, so she did......and it did too! This turkey knew Mayah! It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!! Feathers were up and anywhere Mayah went it went, gobling away the entire time! She said she can't wait to go back to visit the turkey.

As we turned to leave we wished the turkey a happy thanksgiving (hee hee) and the rooster crowed! Every animal in the area went off...the sheep, cows, birds.....sooooo funny! It was a great way to end a fun trip to the zoo!

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