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Growing Girls

We had a Mi CASA (home school group) field trip to the AZ Science Center. As always, it was a fun time. The girls love any place they are told that they can touch everything without getting in trouble. Kids need do moms. You feel like all you say is "no" so I just love times when that word is absent!We were rather bummed when we discovered that the Body Worlds Exhibit took over the entire third floor-our favorite floor. It has the weather exhibits which the girls just love. So, we made the best of what was there.

No matter what taking the girls to places like this is fun because kids are fun. When you stay home with them day after day it does not always feel fun. None of my children go to preschool/school so I do not get any breaks during the day. I am not saying that to complain-I am making the choice to home school-but it makes a difference.

One of the greatest parts of being home is watching every little change.....their vocabulary, understanding, humor, etc. One thing I do not notice is just how big they are getting. Of course I know they are growing, but wow....are they growing! I seem to have the hardest time accepting this with Chiara. I can look over at the front door and see myself walking this precious infant into this house for the first time. Can she really be this tall and turning 6 in a month? Really???

Mayah has always been our "peanut". This summer I had to do a major change over of her clothes because she really shot up-something I remember Chiara doing at the age of four. She is still a peanut, but not in the same way she once was. Her energy level is beyond what I can keep up with.

Leah is yet to be 2 her personality is just starting to come out. Interestingly enough, right now she is a blend of Chiara and Mayah. She has not hit her growth spurt yet-remember 4 years old-so she is still shaped much like her mother! Her body is actually very much like Chiara's.....funny.

And eventually there will be a 4th. Will she be a peanut or a pumpkin? Can't wait to find out!
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  1. "Will SHE be a peanut or a pumpkin? Does that mean that baby #4 is a girl? Your family is so fun and so wonderfully planned by the Lord!


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