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Raising Future Mothers

When I was younger and pictured myself being a mom I always say one boy and one girl-in that order. Seemed perfect-can you tell I am a middle child? Then, after marrying the man of my dreams that visioned changed a bit. We talked about having four even mix of boys and girls. Wouldn't that just be perfect?! I loved having a big brother so I wanted any little girl I had to have one also. Perfect. All set. Even typing that now I can hear the soft chuckle of the Lord.....He must get a kick out of me often!

Each ultrasound I have had I really believed this one was going to be the boy. No? Are you sure? Another girl? David had a dream when I was pregnant with Chiara that he would have all girls-I thought it was cute, but in no way prophetic. How can I be a mom to all girls? Me? Lord, you remember me as a preteen and teenager, right? Right.

I would not want my family to look any other way than it does. Yes, all girls. Future mothers. My responsibility to raise and train. People-mostly strangers-like to comment on how hard it will be when they are all teenagers, but they do not know who their mother is. The teenage Jen Day is very different from the woman I am today, but do not think for a second that I have forgotten anything about her....she is the trick up my parenting sleeve. Of course, I would love to not have to tap into those days and together with David we are raising our children to make better decisions than I did, but it does bring me joy to know that the Lord can use that time of my life for His glory.

So, I am a mother to three...soon to be FOUR...girls! I love it. I love that they each have their own unique personalities, that they really love one another, that they enjoy playing princess and dolls, but can get rough and tough too. The pitch in our house may be higher than most and on some days the drama can be overwhelming, but never once do I even think it should be any other way.

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  1. Love this post! The Lord has truly entrusted you with a great responsibility and you and David are doing a fabulous job!


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