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A Fourth Princess

I am sooooo in love! This little girl growing inside me already has me head over heels for her! I had an ultrasound to recheck her kidneys because, like her big sister Leah, she had retained fluid in both of her kidneys. Because this was just a check and we already knew she was very healthy I thought it would be great to take the 2 big girls along to meet their newest baby sister. I am so glad I did!

They had lost of questions and were fascinated with the entire thing! I had prayed the night before that the tech (Kim-who we have known since our first pregnancy) would take out the 3D wand, just so the girls could really see her face. Oh, Lord, thank you!!!!! She started with the regular ultrasound and I was so happy that the girls could 'read' her profile. Then Kim says, "Let's have some fun!" When she took out the 3D wand I cried. Baby girl was laying on part of the placenta, but we got great shots. She is so beautiful and I am so in love. I am amazed that this NEVER gets old!

Mayah loved hearing the heartbeat and Chiara loved everything! Eventually we did see the kidneys and PRAISE GOD her right kidney is CLEAR and her left kidney was the same. We all feel it will clear itself out. She is measuring big...big....of course! She is measuring 2 lbs 1 oz. Her due date was June7th, this ultrasound bumped that to May 29th. Little Miss knows that she is coming June 6th....well, she better! We are hoping we just caught her on a growth spurt. Hoping.

Below you will see her beautiful face, her hand/arm by her face, her cute little foot and a video of her yawning!

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