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Leah Gets Caught!

There are not many times during any week that I can teach uninterrupted. Mayah and Leah not getting along, Leah wanting snack after snack (bottomless pit), someone just needing something. Well, on those rare occasions I can teach without someone needing me I cherish them.....maybe too much. I knew Leah was unsupervised upstairs, but last I checked in with her she was in Chiara's room "playing" Barbies. She was up there for a long time.....I should have known...and I guess part of me did. Once Chiara was on her own doing some work I went upstairs to Chiara's room. No Leah. CRAP. "Leah? Where are you?" I hear her faint voice from my bathroom......and here is the scene I came upon:

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She had painted her toe nails....and toes, hands, Pj's, and my mat. She got into my little makeup bag and decorated herself and everything around her. So, like any 'good' parent I walked downstairs, got my camera, and took a picture. How else can I prove my mental state????

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