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Mayah's Turn

This summer I signed Miss Mayah up for Kindergym through Casa Grande's Park and Rec. The kids do not leave there with any "real" skill, but it is a great opportunity to learn to listen to a teacher, follow directions, get some exercise, and for Mayah...have something that is ALL about you! She is just now finishing up her 4 weeks of class. It has been Monday through Thursday at 9 AM for 45 has worn me out, but she has loved every minute. I know she will be sad next Monday when it is over.

She is a cutie in a leotard!!!!
What is really cool is that 2 of my former 5th grade students (now a hs graduate and a junior) are 2 of the teachers. Mayah has a great affection for them and I am very comfortable knowing they are watching out for her. I stayed for the first 2-3 classes, but Leah was bored and Chiara could not concentrate on school work. So, we drop "big girl" Mayah off and head to the library each day-which happens to be across the street.
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What I love witnessing is that this is one of those turning point moments when your child grows away from being a toddler and into a 'kid'. There are mixed emotions that come with that, but in the end it is beautiful!

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