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Dancing Queen

(I saved this post and never wrote/published it)

Chiara had her 3rd dance recital June 4th and 5th. She was amazing. She was recovering from a nasty stomach bug (even puked right before dress rehearsal and still wanted to go on!). She again impressed me.....she is a natural performer!

Here she is will Miss Cassie-the teachers helper. I love how nervous she got before the really shows her true investment in our girls!
Here is Miss Carina....what a cutie! She loves dancing and it shines through her whole being. Chiara adored both her teachers.
Each year she performs Chiara gets to wear makeup....she loves that! I love that it is a very special thing for her, since she will not be able to wear it regularly for some time. She is simply gorgeous!
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Chiara and Amee.....such cuties! They became instant friends...and I am VERY blessed by the friendship with her mom! Chiara and Amee really enjoy one another and is an answer to my prayer for Chiara to have a friend like her since her 2 dear friends both moved away this past year to Okinawa and Washington.

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  1. So glad my pumpkin made the blog!! These two are so good together, which makes me very happy:)


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