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A Big Girl and a Big Helper

I am still surprised how easy it was to potty train Miss Leah. I don't really feel like I can even take the credit-I basically put her in panties and sat her on the potty. She just figured it out! I know it helps that she sees her two big sisters in there everyday....we have an open door potty policy-a reason why Mommy uses her bathroom upstairs sometimes.

Once Leah could say something that sounded like "potty" I knew we were ready to give it a whirl. She says "bobby" and it cracks us up, but it works!

Here is my third princess reading her My Big Girl Potty book on the potty. She would only use the big potty (I have 2 small ones because teeny tiny Mayah was terrified of falling in the big one)...I am guessing since that is what all the other girls use!

And, I cannot forget to thank my BIG helper, Chiara!!!! She has helped get Leah on the potty, tell me when she has to go, and lots of other things making Leah's potty training easier and a success. Because of her wonderful help I took her out and let her pick out an outfit. She chose this cute tank top and skirt set-the shoes were an added bonus. She loved wearing it to church on Sunday!
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  1. YAY! So glad it is going so well! Gotta love girls! I really think potty training at an early age is HUGE and really makes it easier in the long run!

  2. Leah is almost TOO smart. Great now, but watch out in 12 years...


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