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Making the old new

If you have been on Pinterest at all you have probably seen how many people are painting their cabinets in lieu of buying new ones. It is not difficult just time consuming and a bit lengthy. We do not have a large kitchen so painting them white would open the space up and we thought it would look great with our new GE slate colored appliances!
David borrowed a paint sprayer fro a friend to make painting the cabinet doors quicker and easier. 
Painting the cupboard part was easy. Even after a couple coats of primer we could see and feel the difference! It just felt cleaner!! Of course the yellow wall color was really showing. 
Primed and ready to be sprayed! 
Sexy sprayer guy!!! Of course we are doing this in over 100 degree heat!!!!
Let's not forget all new hardware! The original style....yes original to the not made any longer because it is over thirty years old, so we bought hinges and knobs we liked but it meant drilling all new holes! It was a two night process interrupted by David traveling for work!
The results were great!!! This is a photo taken after we hung only what is seen here. Notice we were still without a full size fridge!!! 
Gorgeous!!!  Even better when David was able to get the microwave up!!!! All just in time for a special princess birthday party!!!! 
Yup, love it!!!! 

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