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Let's get packing!

I feel like we have been living in boxes for so long and I know it will not end soon enough! I take on all the packing and organizing the move, except the garage-that is all David!
We are blessed with some awesome friends. Al and Marsha came out to the rental to help me move down the girls dressers, trunks, and our dresser. I was able to if all the girls beds and all the boxes from upstairs. I am still amazed at he difference in strength I have in a year of working out! Shout out to Marsha!!!!!
The school room at the rental full of upstairs stuff ready to be moved over Friday night 

Our friends the Noel's, Justin, and the entire DePiazza clan came Saturday night  to help us load the 26' uhaul along with my armada, and all our friends vehicles. They all came to unload the vehicles Saturday night. Speechless. Sunday David and I met Dan, Scott and Sierra at the new house to unload the uhaul. We loaded in an hour and unloaded in about the same! Amazing. 
David and I made two small runs to the rental and David and my dad did the garage Monday! My parents took the girls Saturday night and they came back was so chaotic at least they could just play and be kids. 
My first very loaded run Sunday
Vanilla bean headed to the new house
My last big load!!!

So grateful for friends. Words cannot express the joy that fills my heart because of their pure generosity!!!!

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