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Pat's Run 2014

It's hard to think that a year ago this was my first ever real run. My supportive husband ran the entire 4.2 mile run at my pace and I finished in just over 51 minutes. I was just so excited to be under one hour and I ran (really it was a jog) the entire course. 

I have been running consistently since last fall. I am not where I want to be but I am inching my way there, something I could not do without my amazing husband encouraging me and giving me tips along with my four cheerleaders!!! One of those cheerleaders has the itch to run as well. She joined us for the run this year and walk/jogged it with her daddy and Scott. They finished at 1:05:07 and I cried as they ran over the finish line together. Honestly, this run is so emotional anyway knowing who we are running for (pat Tillman gave his life for this country) and seeing current military running, wounded warrior project, those representing fallen soldiers, along with countless other patriotic people and sights.
As for me I finished in 45:37. Averaging a 10:52 mile, which would have been a little better had I not got stuck in a crowd at the end. My goal was an eleven minute mile consistently for 4.2 miles. I do not train with inclines and there are a couple doozies on this course! 

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