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Scientifically speaking

Another trip to the Phoenix science center, though this one was a bit shorter than normal for us. It was a major school field trip day. If David and I were not already convinced to homeschool our girls for the duration of their schooling this trip would have pushed us there. 
It was not only the behavior of the children but the lack of involvement and correction from the adults supervising them. 
Due to the hectic nature of the exhibits we took in a show in the planetarium that no schools were seeing. It was the Arizona skies show and all four girls enjoyed it! We learned a lot about the constellations and planets. Of course there was talk of Big Bang and such but it just provided good conversation after about what the bible saysverses scientific   theories. My girls get it and I love that we are there to have these conversations with them.
After our time at the science center David treated us all to lunch. And we can't go to the Cheesecake Factory without also going to the pet store....where we found chiara!!!! It was another great family fun day!!!

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