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Friends, cooler weather, and a creek!

A couple weeks ago the girls and I made a day trip up to Prescott to see our friends who moved up there back in May.  It was so great to sit OUTSIDE and talk with Lisa.  I have missed her living only 10 minutes away, but it is so awesome to see what God is doing in her life and the lives of her family!  I love her kiddos and even her dog Chica!  The girls had a blast and the kids just played and played....we rarely saw them!  Connor, the oldest, asked if we would please stay the night.  I could just squeeze that kid!!!  We can't wait to go back!

 Mayah and MJ are best buds!  They get along so well.

 Emma enjoying going outside...and inside...and outside...and inside!
 Our walk to the creek down the street from their house.  Caught Chiara and Connor holding hands.  Adorable.  Good friends!!!

 Lisa and Emma...she wanted to be in the creek like everyone else, but was still a bit small to be on her own out in it.

 Leah heading in...she ended up completely submersed and soaked.  She was not happy.

 Apparently, Chiara did not went to wet her shorts. 

 Now this is homeschooling at it's best!!!  I love how they were exploring. 

 Love this photo!

 Leah is photo bombing!

 Gianna!  This cutie loves princesses and getting down and dirty with the boys!  She rocks!

 All the kids

 Gianna found this little guy.  Mayah was lovin' it!

The girls love Chica.  They took turns walking her home.  

Love time with friends.  Love going through life with someone who gets where you are at.  Can't wait to head up north again and do it all over again....ok, maybe minus the creek!

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