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Happy Halloween

We don't do anything extravagant for Halloween.  The girls enjoy dressing up, we have a few decorations up, and what kid does not like going door to door getting sugary goodness???!!!!  

After morning school time we headed out to a Halloween Party that Happy Homeschoolers had. It was a lovely time making some new friends for all 5 of us girls.

Miss Emma enjoying a caramel apple made by host Kelli.  

Chiara gave bobbing for apples a try! She got a few!

She went for full immersion here!

Halloween night was fun!  Nanny and Grampy came down for dinner and to go door to door with us.  I was not going to bring the camera this year, but after seeing Emma wanting to do everything like her big sisters I ran back to get it!

Here are my sweet girls before heading out.  Two Rapunzels,  A Barbie Princess, and a Ballerina.

Pure Joy.

Emma held on to her pumpkin the entire time.  Even when she had to drag it behind her from the weight she did not want to let go!

I didn't realize how bad this picture came out, but I had to post anyway.  Her face was perfect here!  Fun. Joy. Happy. Love.

After trick or treating (we only did 2 streets) we came back to the house made a fire outside, roasted marshmallows for smores, and watched the girls burn off sugar!  After the girls were in bed and my parents left, David and I sat outside with our cups of tea and enjoyed the quiet time alone in front of the fire.  Great ending to a great day!
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