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One Cubbie and Two Sparkies

Awana has started again at Grace Church here in Casa Grande! My girls were all very excited to begin. I was not able to capture the first night, but the first theme night is just as great. It was favorite food....

Leah was a pumpkin (orange, brown stem, green hair piece). Chiara's  favorite is a burger which I made.  Mayah was a blueberry.

Chiara is in her 3rd and final year of Sparks (her 5th year of Awana). On her second night there she was able to recite ALL books of the Bible (Old AND New Testament).  WOW!  Her favorite food is hamburgers (she orders them everywhere) so during quiet time I made this one for her with fabric and felt.

This is Leah's first year as a Cubbie.  She was so excited and asks about going every day.  I am so proud of her for memorizing her first verses!

This is Mayah's first year as a Spark and 3rd year in Awana.  She was so nervous about having to memorize all of John 3:16, but did it with flying colors!  She has a desire to learn God's word.  I love that even though she and Chiara are together all day every day they love being together in Sparks.  They are not at the same table, but I can really see how deep their friendship goes. Beautiful. 

Of course, this is the picture Leah wanted me to take.  "Silly faces!"  Sure, Leah....silly faces.
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