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A Loss for a D'Amato Girl

Last night Mayah lost something. I was not ready. She was. It happened.
 Nothing I could do to stop it. Ugh...... 

Mayah has officially lost her first tooth!  It was loose just a couple weeks ago and now it is gone.  Replaced by a shiny new quarter and happy 5 year old!  She took it out herself and as you can see from the picture below she did not wait until the entire root was dead.  Crazy kid.  Funny the little things that give children joy.  I love it.  I love that I get to be here to experience all of them. 

Here she is shortly after calling Nanny and Grampy to tell them the news. They were so excited for her and she was so proud of herself to taking it out without help. 

The tooth. 

A new hole...a reminder every time she smiles that she is constantly changing and growing. 
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