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The Adentures of a Mommy and a Missing Bear Bear

I am seriously singing that cheesy song....reunited and it feels so good.....Bear-Bear has returned. Well, I am calling it Bear Bear Part 2. Here's the story:

I was rushing around Wednesday because we are taking the family to Disneyland and David and I thought it would be fun to surprise the girls this time.....seriously, they have NO idea! Well, I had to run to the grocery store to pick up things to bring since we have a full kitchen at the place we are staying. I know better than to let Leah take her bear in the store, but when I know we are going to be in there for a while I would rather her have her lovey. Mistake number one. Ugh. I grabbed the bear when I was getting her out and instead of putting it in my purse I just held it. All four of us went into the store. I put Leah in a cart and put Bear Bear on top of my purse was zipped closed and I thought it would just lay there. In the rush of things I just kept going.......we went straight to the deli. We only got 2 items and by the time we had our ham and cheese we realized the bear was gone. We retraced our steps, had a clerk help us look.....gone. I think Bear Bear was snatched up by someone else who really needed a lovey. I am hoping that it is helping another sweet little one out there who needs comfort at bedtime.
Needless to say I was in a panic and feeling GUILT...the good old Catholic kind!!!! Ugh! I knew she would be fine.....until bedtime. It was awful. Tears. Whimpering. She could not settle in. We tried many other items to fill the place of Bear Bear, but she threw them all out. She wept for it. I cried. Bear Bear was not an intentional lovey...just sort of made it's way into her crib and never left. I took action. I searched and searched online, but I did not know the manufacturer. On the phone with my Mom we searched the depths of the internet. I saw a bear that had similar stitching on Ebay....a Carter's Bear!!! Great! No luck finding Bear Bear though. Until......I found it!!! It was Bear Bear! Clean! Online! For only....$45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Seriously? Why? The stay at home mom who was selling this wonderful look-alike had a make an offer feature. I offered $10 and asked the Lord to soften her heart as I wrote to her why I was wanting to purchase this item. Leah slept all night and Thursday we went out searching again for Carter's Bears....I even took her to our ghetto Walmart to see if she saw anything that would do....nothing. I called 3 Kohl's, 2 Carter's Stores, Carter's Headquarters, and 3 Big Lots. Nothing. They only keep the bears on the shelves for about 6 months and then change them up. No wonder it was $45 on Ebay. Ugh. I checked Ebay off and on.....and there it was....she accepted the offer of $10!!!!!!!!!!! I was leaping! I had just had to listen to Leah cry herself to sleep at nap time when I saw this great news. I wrote to her immediately to thank her and see if she could overnight it....I would pay the extra. Not only did we NEED Bear Bear to survive, but we are about to leave for this trip. The seller is in the San Diego area and said she would overnight it. Praise God! With the help of David it was done. No relief yet, as we still had to get through bedtime. Awful. Worse than before. Screaming. Crying. It was painful to hear. My heart was breaking. I prayed for the postman to be quick with deliveries. I spoke with Christ authority that the bear would arrive before nap time...mail does not get here until after 3pm some days. By 11:45am today (Friday) the package arrived. No relief yet. Bear Bear part 2 is BIGGER than Bear Bear. Oh no! Again, I prayed that she would accept this new bear-I got many warnings that she may not. I spoke it. I believed what I spoke.
Watching her walk over to the package and look inside was PRICELESS (ok, actually it cost $27.50, but I don't care!!). She peeked inside (I am pretty sure her sisters were holding their breath) and let out a "Baby!!" (aka bear bear). Tears...not from Leah, but from her Mama and Chiara. Relief. She was so happy. She walked away from me and I heard her say, "He's Home." Yes, yes he is.
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  1. That post just about had me in tears. Poor Leah, poor mama! It's unbearable (no pun intended) to listen to your baby cry tears of sadness when you know there is nothing you can do to make them feel better. I'm so glad you were able to find a new Bear Bear and that she accepted it.
    When Andrew lost his gee gee, we went out and bought him a new one too. It wasn't the exact same blanket but it was very close and he took right to it and still sleeps with it to this day.


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